Frequently Asked Questions of The Village of Marymount

Q: What is assisted living?

A: The main philosophy of assisted living focuses on providing residents with varying levels of choice and independence, ideally in a homelike environment that minimizes the need to move when needs for services increase. Unlike nursing homes, ALFs are regulated by the states, not the federal government. Although the assisted living industry is much less heavily regulated than the nursing home industry, at least half of all 50 states updated their assisted living regulations since 2008.

Q: Is assisted living affordable?

A: Assisted living can be very affordable. We ask that you allow us to discuss all resources available to you. With Medicare and/or veterans' benefits, assisted living may be more affordable than you think.

Q: What are the differences between assisted living and long-term care?

A: Long-term care provides care and related services to those who can't perform everyday tasks for themselves. Assisted living offers services focusing on maintaining a resident's independence and dignity.

Assisted living allows them to age in place while enjoying a vibrant lifestyle. Nursing homes are best suited for people who require significant personal and nursing care: being bed-bound, having fractures or wounds that are not healing, and having multiple medical problems like diabetes, heart disease and congestive heart failure. Only a quarter of nursing home residents can walk without assistance, and nearly two-thirds receive psychiatric medications. Assisted living facilities are best suited to people with higher levels of functioning and independence that can benefit from social activities, exercise and wellness programs. The main philosophy of assisted living is providing residents with varying levels of choice and independence in a homelike environment.

Q: What are the benefits of assisted living versus living at home?

A: Many senior citizens are isolated in their homes, primarily because they can no longer drive and have become dependent on family and friends to get around - and to continue living at home. Assisted living offers many benefits to both the resident and their family. The resident is encouraged to participate in a variety of life enrichment activities designed to stimulate them mentally, physically, and spiritually. The family has the peace of mind knowing that their loved one is living a more active life with an enhanced quality of life.

Q: What are the main reasons why someone should rehab at The Village at Marymount after their surgery?

A: First, we have an inviting, innovative new Parker Hannifin Foundation Therapy and Wellness Center that opened in August 2013. It added 4,000 square feet of space to our footprint. Our therapy team specializes in orthopedics, geriatrics, vestibular issues, and fall prevention. We have a licensed physical therapist certified specifically to treat TMJ. We also offer virtual reality therapy. We are the only facility in Ohio using the IREX system for virtual reality therapy. Information received from this interactive game enables their therapist to better help them meet their goals.

Q: Can I request a tour of The Village at Marymount?

A: We would love to host you for a personal tour and then have you enjoy lunch with us. Please call Peggy Mathews at 216-332-1716. to schedule a time that best suits your schedule.

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